The Boutique Hotel

Hundred years of hospitality

Constructed in 1906, the historic Hotel Monopol is one of the few remaining Hotels from the pre-WWII era in Frankfurt am Main. The iconic building is typical of the “Jugendstil” architecture and one of its kind. 

During its century long history, the hotel hosted many historic figures of the 20th century, such as Winston Churchill, Franz Kafka, Max Beckmann, Franz Joseph Strauss, Ludwig Erhard and many more.

During World War II, many buildings in the “Gutleutviertel” have experienced severe damages by bombs. Thankfully, the Hotel Monopol has vastly been preserved, and only the roof had to be completely renewed.

A Family Business

Today, the Hotel is proudly run as a 3rd generation family business and stands out thanks to its nostalgic architecture combined with unique modern room designs.